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Current Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students in the Hedlund Lab

One or more positions are open for undergraduate researchers in the Hedlund lab to join a research team with possible projects including: (1) identifying microbes that degrade polymers of industrial interest, (2) bioinformatic analysis of 16S rRNA gene datasets and habitat niche modeling, (3) characterizing the role of the gut microbiota during Clostridium difficile infection using animal models and statistical analysis, (4) study of microbial communities in springs in the southern Great Basin, including DNA isolation, bioinformatics, etc., and (5) computational probing of biologically derived datasets for investigation into the physicochemical limitations of life. The projects may involve skills such as: computer skills including simple programming, microbial cultivation, working as a member of a team, and some writing. The projects are expected to result in scientific publications. The student would be expected to commit, in principle, to at least 10 hours of research per week for at least one year, with more time required in the summer. The successful student will be encouraged to apply for paid fellowships. The student will be encouraged to sign up for Biology 492 research credits. A GPA of 3.0 is required and the ideal candidate would have no job or serious obligations outside school. First generation college students and members of an underrepresented group are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Send an email with subject line "Undergraduate Research" by Friday, February 2nd at 5 pm PST to Brian Hedlund at, Dafhney Ferrer at, Chrisabelle Mefferd at, and Ariel Friel at

The email should contain the following:

(1) A brief statement of interest that includes (a) commitment, in principle, to at least 10 hours per week (more in summer) and at least 1 year of research, (b) a statement on whether you are full time student with undergraduate status and plan to be for at least one year, (c) a statement on whether you are a US citizen or permanent resident, and (d) career interests.

(2) Copies of all undergraduate transcripts (unofficial ok).

(3) A CV (please see guidance from Nevada EPSCoR).

The review process may include a brief interview during the week of February 19th.