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Nou NO, Covington JK, Lai D, Mayali X, Seymour CO, Johnston J, Jiao JY, Buessecker S, Mosier D, Muok AR, Torosian N, Cook AM, Briegel A, Woyke T, Eloe-Fadrosh E, Shapiro N, Bryan SG, Sleezer S, Dimapilis J, Gonzalez C, Gonzalez L, Noriega M, Hess M, Carlson RP, Liu L, Li MM, Lian ZH, Zhu S, Liu F, Sun X, Gao B, Mewalal R, Harmon-Smith M, Blaby IK, Cheng JF, Weber PK, Grigorean G, Li WJ, Dekas AE, Pett-Ridge J, Dodsworth JA, Palmer M, Hedlund BP. 2024. Genome-guided isolation of Fervidibacter sacchari, an aerobic, hyperthermophilic polysaccharide-degrading specialist. Under review in Nature Communications. pdf

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Whitman WB, Hedlund BP, Palmer M, Sutcliffe I, Chuvochina M. 2023. Request for public discussion and ballot to amend SeqCode rules on priority of Candidatus names and correction of typographic and orthographic errors. ISME Communications 3:96-98 pdf

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Qu YN, Rao YZ, Qi YL, Li YX, Li A, Palmer M, Hedlund BP, Shu WS, Evans PN, Nie GX, Hua ZS, Li WJ. 2023. Panguiarchaeum symbiosum, a potential hyperthermophilic symbiont in the TACK superphylum. Cell reports 42:112158. pdf

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Buessecker S, Chadwick GL, Quan ME, Hedlund BP, Dodsworth JA, Dekas AE. 2023. Mcr-dependent methanogenesis in Archaeoglobaceae enriched from a terrestrial hot spring. The ISME Journal 14:1-11. pdf

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